Tools for Transformation

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Tools for Transformation

Body Intelligence

Lifestyle choices, an abundance of food and technology have lead to a society caught up in its head. Sitting stationary, more and more people feel depressed and chronically stressed leading to modern day diseases. Separated from our natural habitat we’ve run out of sync with what it means to be human. It’s time to reconnect to our body from the ground up starting at the feet. Go barefoot as a stepping stone for inner alignment and practical strength.


Inner Alignment

Emphasis on analytical thinking drives many to overthink life. Seeking reasons for sometimes unreasonable events. The mind keeps us busy with external sensations and emotional highs or lows that have a physiological impact. Whenever we feel pain, we want a pill, but we forget to look in. Just like food, emotions and thoughts are forms of energy that have the ability to break or heal. Heal yourself from chronic stress and let go of things that corrupt you.


Daily Discomfort

Some comfort is nice, but a life orchestrated around comfort makes people lazy. Being a slave of comfort won’t open up new opportunities. Always sticking to comfort means never knowing what we’re truly capable of. Growth often comes from failure and pain. Why not learn to embrace it? By challenging ourselves mentally and physically we also have the rare opportunity to grow spiritually. Callous the mind to free yourself from fear and ego!