Barefoot Running

  • Barefoot shoes vs functional shoes comparison

    Barefoot Shoes may not be Functional Shoes

    ‘Barefoot shoes’ may suggest shoes that compliment your ‘natural’ foot form, physical structure and gait, but in reality not every pair of barefoot-style shoes may fit your personal needs. What’s considered a natural form of feet may not apply to your feet if you’ve always worn regular shoes instead of foot-shaped shoes.

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  • Functional Foot Map Practitioners and Lee Saxbee

    Essential Learnings From Barefoot Guru Lee Saxbee

    Lee Saxby is the world’s leading expert on barefoot running and founder of the ‘Functional Foot Map’. He’s been a…

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  • Stop power running to stop injuries and pain

    Stop Power Running & Stop Running Injuries

    During my high school year as an exchange student (1989/1990) I decided to go for the full American experience. This…

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  • 32k Trailrun op bitterballen

    32k Trail Run, on Bitterballen and a Herb Butter Baguette

    A 32k trail run with around 650 meters through the hills of Limburg. The King of Spain, I ran it…

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