• Wearing tips for toe spacers

    Correcting your toes with our toe spreaders?

    In another article we talked about the benefits of wearing toe spacers, stretchers or spreaders. For those of you who…

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  • characteristics of a healthy feet

    How to recognise healthy & functional feet?

    Although most of the magic of your feet happens intrinsically, there are some clear visual markers that point out your…

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  • CorrectToes toe separators or spreaders

    Why and when to wear toe spacers, stretchers or spreaders

    Update April 2021 — Toe separators, spacers, stretchers or spreaders can be very helpful in winning the war against your…

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  • Barefoot shoes vs functional shoes comparison

    Barefoot Shoes may not be Functional Shoes

    ‘Barefoot shoes’ may suggest shoes that compliment your ‘natural’ foot form, physical structure and gait, but in reality not every pair of barefoot-style shoes may fit your personal needs. What’s considered a natural form of feet may not apply to your feet if you’ve always worn regular shoes instead of foot-shaped shoes.

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  • Barefoot Running essential to natural movement

    Top Reasons to Start Your Barefoot Running Practice

    These are the top reasons to start your Barefoot Running Practice. First, don’t confuse running barefoot with that other activity;…

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  • Surprising benefits of barefoot running

    The Surprising Benefits of Barefoot Running

    Want to take your movement practice to the next level? Looking for the best ways to increase your running economy?…

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