• Breathe slow live long

    Breathe slow to live long

    Early yogis recognized that the rate of breath had a correlation with our health and how long we live. They…

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  • stress release by changing thoughts

    7 Steps to Release Stress by Changing Thoughts

    What is stress really, besides the main trigger of human illness and disease? Not all stress is negative. When the…

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  • mind-body therapies fight stress

    Study Shows: Mind-Body Therapies Key to Stress Relief

    More and more people are switching to yoga, meditation, and other alternative practices to fight stress. Commonly referred to as…

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  • Cold immersion, cold adaptation, cold shower are good for health

    365 Days of Cold Showers

    The first lesson you will learn when you start taking cold showers every morning is how to confront discomfort and…

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  • Ocean mist: cold showers and breathing

    Take Cold Showers & Control Breathing

    Take a cold shower and control your breathing. How hard is that? Many people breathe more often at rest than…

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