• Learnings from Jeong Kwan

    Essential learnings from Jeong Kwan

    Neatly tucked away in Naejangsan National Park you’ll find Chunjinam hermitage part of Baekyangsa temple, a few hours south by…

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  • stress release by changing thoughts

    7 Steps to Release Stress by Changing Thoughts

    What is stress really, besides the main trigger of human illness and disease? Not all stress is negative. When the…

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  • mind-body therapies fight stress

    Study Shows: Mind-Body Therapies Key to Stress Relief

    More and more people are switching to yoga, meditation, and other alternative practices to fight stress. Commonly referred to as…

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  • Grounding earthing barefoot

    Study Shows: Grounding Improves Inflammation & Blood Flow

    Grounding or ‘earthing’ refers to the human body being in contact with the surface of the earth either by barefoot…

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  • forest bathing natural park kennemerland

    How nature heals

    The aim of forest bathing is to slow down and become immersed in the natural environment. Without purpose or goal…

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