• Functional Foot Map Practitioners and Lee Saxbee

    Essential Learnings From Barefoot Guru Lee Saxbee

    Lee Saxby is the world’s leading expert on barefoot running and founder of the ‘Functional Foot Map’. He’s been a…

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  • Learnings from Jeong Kwan

    Essential learnings from Jeong Kwan

    Neatly tucked away in Naejangsan National Park you’ll find Chunjinam hermitage part of Baekyangsa temple, a few hours south by…

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  • personal training DK Yoo

    Getting personal with DK Yoo

    After meeting DK Yoo at a two day seminar in Bucharest, I was convinced his knowledge and methodology are beneficial…

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  • Stop power running to stop injuries and pain

    Stop Power Running & Stop Running Injuries

    During my high school year as an exchange student (1989/1990) I decided to go for the full American experience. This…

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  • DK Yoo Seminar Bucharest

    Essential learnings from DK Yoo

    DK Yoo or Bruce Lee? DK Yoo is a Youtube-phenomenon from South Korea. His video’s are watched, commented and liked…

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  • 51k Ultra Trail run on Vibram 5fingers

    Natural running: 51k Eiger Ultra Trail on Five Fingers

    Natural running brings me lots of pleasure. Every moment spent outside in the fresh air, pushes all the right buttons.…

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