• stress release by changing thoughts

    7 Steps to Release Stress by Changing Thoughts

    What is stress really, besides the main trigger of human illness and disease? Not all stress is negative. When the…

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  • movement guided fitness

    Movement-guided training impacts efficiency beyond the gym most

    A recent article published by MovNat covered some very interesting findings in a study where so called ‘occupational athletes’ were…

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  • Surprising benefits of barefoot running

    The Surprising Benefits of Barefoot Running

    Want to take your movement practice to the next level? Looking for the best ways to increase your running economy?…

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  • Grounding earthing barefoot

    Study Shows: Grounding Improves Inflammation & Blood Flow

    Grounding or ‘earthing’ refers to the human body being in contact with the surface of the earth either by barefoot…

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