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Reboot sessions for personal growth

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Coaching will lead to new insights. Coaching can help you reach your goals faster. In daily life it’s easy to get stuck in your own patterns and limiting beliefs. That makes it hard to reframe your own situation. As a professional outsider I will tune into your needs, together we’ll reboot your body’s intelligence through simple movements and activate your natural abilities to heal and thrive.

“To change something we must alter the energy which creates it. Control of prana is key to get anything done.”

Pranic approach

The human body is far more intelligent than our modern brain let’s us think. Too often our thinking gets in the way when dealing with difficult situations or life changing decisions. An endless stream of thoughts takes a toll on energy that cannot be spent elsewhere. Often people experience disconnection from their bodies. Instead of feeding your body with mental stress, you have the ability to feed your mind with physical activity.

That’s where prana comes in. Breathing is the most fundamental physical activity we do without thinking. It’s also an excellent tool to use consciously. When you learn how to breathe properly, this simply means prana (life-force) can flow. Your breath connects the physical body with every aspect of life, conscious or unconscious. Having control and understanding of your breath can bring about positive changes in both body and mind.

Coaching session: Walk & Talk

A coaching session can break down barriers using different techniques like breathing, walking meditation, relaxation and forms of natural movement. Once you’re reconnected with your body, when it feels useful and relaxed, your brain will be happy. Eventually a calm mind will lead to better decision making.

If you’re aiming for sustainable growth on either a personal or business level, you have to take action. Doing trumps thinking. Why not start today? Let’s Walk & Talk. Click on the button below for details in Dutch. Get in touch for sessions in English.