Correcting your toes with toe spreaders?

Here are some wearing suggestions.

Correcting your toes with toe spreaders?
29th April 2020 Systema Natura
Wearing tips for toe spacers

In another article we talked about the benefits of wearing toe spacers, stretchers or spreaders. For those of you who are new to this functional piece of silicone, here are some wearing suggestions.

Use toe spreaders while moving around

Some toe stretchers are not meant for movement. YogaToes for example may give your toes a good stretch but it’s impossible to walk around wearing them. If you’ve purchased our unbranded silicone toe spreaders you know the material feels soft to the touch. The true benefit lies in wearing them while moving around. Stand, walk and move around the house for example, starting off with 15 minutes per day, gradually building things up.

Make good use of your ‘regular’ socks

People who start out giving their feet more attention and start training the toes, usually have a drawer full of regular socks. You don’t need a collection of toe socks immediately, just wear your toe spreaders inside your regular socks. Especially in the beginning it can help take away the idea you’re actually working out your toes. They also help keep the spreaders in place as you walk around.

Grow toe awareness with toe socks

With growing toe awareness comes toe freedom and foot mobility. Once you combine toe spreaders with a pair of toe socks the toes may more and more feel like your fingers in a pair of gloves instead of mittens. After a while, being barefoot or wearing toe socks without your toe spreaders, you’ll feel the natural urge to widen or spread your toes. Toe spreaders will awaken the intrinsic muscles, so your feet will come alive again. More movement means more blood flow leading to more oxygen to even the tiniest and hard to reach parts of the body.

Rinse and repeat

The beauty of it all is you can rinse your toe spreaders with some water and a bit of mild soap. Then leave them to air dry and wear them again the next day.

If you have barefoot style shoes with a wide toe-box you can even wear them inside shoes. But be aware it shouldn’t feel too cramped. Otherwise the whole idea of spreading your toes goes to waste. Wearing thick socks plus silicone quickly adds up bulk. And remember: barefoot shoes may not always be functional shoes! Regaining toe function is a priority in the war against your compromised foot. More cushioning instead of thin and flexible soles may be helpful for your foot health too.

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