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  • mind-body therapies fight stress

    Study Shows: Mind-Body Therapies Key to Stress Relief

    More and more people are switching to yoga, meditation, and other alternative practices to fight stress. Commonly referred to as…

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  • Cold immersion, cold adaptation, cold shower are good for health

    365 Days of Cold Showers

    The first lesson you will learn when you start taking cold showers every morning is how to confront discomfort and…

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  • Surprising benefits of barefoot running

    The Surprising Benefits of Barefoot Running

    Want to take your movement practice to the next level? Looking for the best ways to increase your running economy?…

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  • Unfocus with eyes closed and mind wandering

    Unfocus to tap into creativity and hidden potential

    The ability to unfocus will benefit you more than you might think. We live in a world where focus, focus,…

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  • DK Yoo Seminar Bucharest

    Essential learnings from DK Yoo

    DK Yoo or Bruce Lee? DK Yoo is a Youtube-phenomenon from South Korea. His video’s are watched, commented and liked…

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  • Grounding earthing barefoot

    Study Shows: Grounding Improves Inflammation & Blood Flow

    Grounding or ‘earthing’ refers to the human body being in contact with the surface of the earth either by barefoot…

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  • forest bathing natural park kennemerland

    How nature heals

    The aim of forest bathing is to slow down and become immersed in the natural environment. Without purpose or goal…

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  • 51k Ultra Trail run on Vibram 5fingers

    Natural running: 51k Eiger Ultra Trail on Five Fingers

    Natural running brings me lots of pleasure. Every moment spent outside in the fresh air, pushes all the right buttons.…

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  • 32k Trailrun op bitterballen

    32k Trail Run, on Bitterballen and a Herb Butter Baguette

    A 32k trail run with around 650 meters through the hills of Limburg. The King of Spain, I ran it…

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  • Ocean mist: cold showers and breathing

    Take Cold Showers & Control Breathing

    Take a cold shower and control your breathing. How hard is that? Many people breathe more often at rest than…

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  • Essential learnings from Wim Hof

    Somewhere in April 2015 I meet Wim Hof. His ‘method’ attracts media attention after research shows that the breathing technique…

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