Prana & Chakra Healing

Non-invasive method for deep relaxation and pain relief

Prana & Chakra Healing

Prana & Chakra Healing is a simple but effective healing method. Besides a physical body, you have an emotional, a mental and a spiritual body. These four bodies are vibrational fields of energy that overlap and affect each other. Your spirituality, emotions and creativity flow through the physical body. Pain signals something is up in one of these fields. Your body is talking to you when it transmits pain.

The spiritual body has the highest vibration. Because the physical body is the most dense, vibrating at a much lower level, it’s visible. The physical body has the capacity to inform you when something is wrong or right. It can be positively or negatively affected by the foods we eat, the thoughts we think and the emotional state we’re in.

Sensing how you feel in a situation as opposed to thinking about a situation is the way to properly use your physical body. Your heart will always express itself to you through your feeling/physical body. Learning to “feel” what your body is telling you and responding to those messages is the key to finding health and harmony. But to properly listen there needs to be balance first.

Prana & Chakra Healing technique

The human body has seven energy centers called ‘chakra’s’ which can be felt and seen in a central straight line starting at the base of the spine and moving all the way up to the top of the head. Balanced bodies have free flow of Prana (life force) through all these energy centers providing your body, mind and spirit with exactly the right amount of energy needed.

Today, people primarily live in their heads separating themselves from their physical body. Most of us have become inadequate at reading signals from our body. Meanwhile our cells energetically remember everything that has ever happened, influencing the present reality. Cells react to every mental impuls and do not see the difference between reality or imagination. That’s why chronic mental stress can manifest itself in restlessness leading to physical aches, pains, injuries or serious illness.

By tapping into the client’s energy field a professional Prana & Chakra practitioner can reveal where energy is blocked and where attention is needed. In order to remove blockages the practitioner channels Prana to balance out the shortage or overload of energy. This kind of treatment has an impact on all different aspects of your being.

Natural non-invasive healing method

People who receive a Prana & Chakra Healing don’t have to do anything themselves. The client can relax on a massage table and will hardly be touched. There’s no forceful re-aligning or cracking, popping nor will there be any spiritual hocus pocus. We work with what is there naturally.

By rebalancing the energy centers your own body shifts back to its original, natural state. When painful symptoms are strongly rooted in the past more than one treatment may be needed. Clients experience deep relaxation and have reported a broad range of physical pain relief, feeling calmer than ever before.

Benefits of Prana & Chakra Healing

  • Triggers your self-healing properties
  • Deep relaxation on a cellular level
  • Can bring sustainable pain relief
  • Rejuvenates energy balance
  • Better grounding
  • Improves sleep
  • Sense of inner calm
  • Stronger sense of belonging