365 Dagen Koud Douchen

De goedkoopste manier om mentale veerkracht op te bouwen

365 Dagen Koud Douchen
12 januari 2018 Systema Natura
Koude onderdompeling, koude aanpassing, koude douche zijn goed voor de gezondheid

The first lesson you will learn when you start taking cold showers every morning is how to confront discomfort and fear. When I tell people about my morning routine they always want to know how I do it, followed by a remark how they absolutely couldn’t do it themselves.

It’s true, most of us fear the cold. Now I get this initial response very well, I also thought cold was something to stay away from. But boy was I wrong.

Als je meer mentale veerkracht wilt opbouwen dan helpt het om koude douches te nemen. Het is een geweldige (plus goedkope!) manier om met koudetraining te beginnen. Je zult in goed gezelschap zijn van Amerikaanse Navy Seals, ondernemers Tim Feriss en Tony Robbins die allemaal zweren bij een koude start van de dag. In Rusland zijn er speciale clubs van zogenaamde 'winterzwemmers'.

Meer dan 365 koude douches

Okay, you might think I’m different because I’m a ‘cold trainer’ and all, believe me, this doesn’t say shit. Yes, I’ve been trained in the Wim Hof Method by Wim Hof and was put to the test under extreme cold conditions hiking up a mountain, wearing nothing but shorts, with wind gusts of 120 km/hr and a wind chill factor of -33 Celsius (-27.4 Fahrenheit).

Of course an experience like that builds confidence in your mental and physiological abilities, except it won’t train your mind to face discomfort every single day. And that’s exactly what cold showers can do.

All through 2016 and 2017 I’ve only taken cold showers, I started after my second workshop with Wim in the summer of 2015, counting up to around 800 days that I haven’t touched the red knob in the shower. I take a cold shower in the morning, I take cold showers after workouts.

A few weeks ago I had 3 lukewarm showers in the morning because I was staying in a house where for some reason the thermostat of the shower refused to go cold. Apparently, some people don’t want to risk one single drop of cold water on their bodies.

Hoe je een regime van koud douchen vol kan houden

Without overcomplicating things the rule is very simple. Start and don’t stop. Easy. Well, maybe not.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. No one likes cold showers. Seriously no one. Not even Wim Hof! Ask him.

Needless to say, neither do I. But every single time I jump under that cold stream of water, I simply ignore the little voice in my head and reap the benefits afterwards.

Don’t hesitate, just jump, and don’t forget to breathe. Let your physiology do the thinking. It already knows what’s good for you.

Why should you do it? Every cold shower proves you’re not limited to your thoughts, it challenges your mind, fires up your inner engine, complimenting your action with an endorphin and adrenaline rush leaving you buzzing and alert. You see how this might benefit you?

If you’re a first timer, you can ease into it, sure.

Start taking a regular warm or hot shower then finish cold. As soon as you’re ready though, switch to cold showers completely. This way you’ll reduce the chance of your lazy comfort seeking self popping up avoiding cold altogether again. Stick with the program!

Koud douchen in de winter

In de winter wordt het een stuk moeilijker om alleen koude douches vol te houden. Vooral dan raad ik je aan om door te gaan. Het is mentaal zelfs nog meer lonend als je doorgaat met je koudetraining. Zie het als een oefening in mentale weerbaarheid, de voordelen voor je gezondheid zijn mooie bijvangst.

Now remember, breathing is key from beginning to end. Breathe in and out as strongly as you want, as you feel the heavier impact of the cold water of winter hitting your body. Stronger breathing moves your attention away from the cold response. Who cares what sounds you make under the shower, right?

Shake off the cold by quickly washing (or just rubbing) your entire body. You can normalize your breathing as you’ve probably already adjusted to the temperature where it doesn’t feel that cold anymore.

Within a couple of minutes, you’ll find the cold didn’t kill you, calming your mind. Enjoy that moment.

Afterwards, you can feel proud for overcoming the first obstacle of your day. Your body will celebrate your effort by giving an energy rush and happyhappyjoyjoy endorphins. Boom. Mission accomplished.

Volgende dag, herhaal.

Voordelen van koud douchen

  • Gaat ontstekingen tegen
  • Betere cardiovasculaire circulatie
  • Verbetert de lymfecirculatie
  • Goed voor je huid
  • Verhoogt het metabolisme
  • Bevordert gezond bruin vet
  • Helpt bij het elimineren van 'slecht' wit vet
  • Versterkt de wilskracht
  • Brengt mentale helderheid
  • Frist je humeur op (antidepressiva)

Wie kan beter niet koud douchen?

Stay away from cold training or cold showers without proper guidance if you have a heart condition, raised blood pressure, or when you’re pregnant. By taking a cold shower you shortly activate the sympathetic nervous system putting your body in fight/flight mode.

This means you’re exposing yourself to a controlled period of stress. An average ‘healthy’ person can handle this easily. If you are already sick or fall in one of the mentioned categories you’re better off working on your condition first or wait until your body is recovered and ready for some action again. When in doubt, always consult your physician first.

LET OP: NIET de zogenaamde 'Wim Hof-ademhaling' met adem-retentie in de douche oefenen. Ademhalingsoefeningen doe je in een veilige omgeving, waar geen water en badkamertegels bij betrokken zijn. Doe geen domme dingen, wees altijd veilig.

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